Apply to Robert Gordon University Through January 2024 Intake
Apply to Robert Gordon University Through January 2024 Intake

Do you want to study in the UK in January 2024 intake? Have you made up your mind to study at Robert Gordon University? Robert Gordon is a dynamic and modern university for international students who want to study in the UK. It is based in the Scottish city of Aberdeen. It is a public university. So if you want to study in the UK through January 2024 intake, Robert Gordon University can be the best choice for you.

Apply through January 2024 intake at Robert Gordon University

You may want to know about the facilities that RGU provides before applying through January 2024 intake. Robert Gordon University provides high-quality vocational courses and a relevant curriculum that needs to be skilled and experienced enough to be successful throughout their career. This University is well-reputed for producing graduates that employers will highly prefer. Let’s learn about this University in detail so a student can apply to Robert Gordon University through January 2024 intake.

Ranking of Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University is a public university in Aberdeen, Scotland. It is the top modern University in Scotland and seventh in the UK. It is an industry-centric, innovative, impactful, and professionally minded university. It ranks between 801-1000 in the QS World University Ranking 2023 and 1001-1200th according to The Times Higher Education rankings 2023. This university also ranked 103rd among the universities all over the UK. This modern University provides high-quality vocational education with the skills they require for a successful career.

Aberdeen, as an international student city in the UK

RGU is situated in Aberdeen, Scotland. There are many opportunities available for international students to study in the city of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, also named Granite city, is located in the Northeast of Scotland. In the UK, Aberdeen is a city that is listed as one of the top 50 affordable cities for international students. Aberdeen is a city with a great variety of all aspects of life. Aberdeen is the oil capital of Europe and has given a large opportunity to work in the oil and gas sector.

Overall, this city can provide a fantastic lifestyle, including food, work opportunity, and leisure activities. Moreover, Aberdeen is in the top ten UK cities for international students, providing a safe and secure living environment for international students if they want to study through January 2024 intake.

Career benefits for international students through Robert Gordon University

If you plan to study at RGU through January 2024 intake, you must know how efficient their courses are to make a successful career. You will excel and get a job successfully when you have experience, skills, and qualifications in a particular area. Taking a degree from this University will give you all these skills as it is one of the top modern universities for graduate prospects.

Robert Gordon University provides work placement opportunities for international students with local, national, or international organizations. This University provides real-life courses that are mostly industry related. Their teaching is mostly reflected in the workplace.

The admission process to Robert Gordon University

Many studying abroad aspiring students want to know how to apply to Robert Gordon University and is the application process easy or difficult. Let’s here share a few details on the admission process to Robert Gordon University. These are the steps you need to follow to get admission to Robert Gordon University.

  • Search the course in the university website
  • Research about the intakes and in which intake this course is available
  • Make an application to this university with all the necessary documents
  • Wait for the response
  • Get the offer letter
  • Apply for visa
  • Be ready to fly

Types of courses at Robert Gordon University through January 2024 intake

  • Undergraduate Courses- 

You can choose from over 70 undergraduate degrees as an international student. All the undergraduate courses are designed to prepare a student for the world of work by providing relevant skills and experiences.

  • Postgraduate Courses-

 Robert Gordon University provides a wide range of postgraduate courses with a flexible study mode. As an international student, you can choose online, part-time, or full-time courses according to your need.

  • Online Learning Courses- 

RGU provides quality, assured, flexible online courses to develop professional skills and career prospects. It is the third-largest provider of distance learning Master’s courses in the UK. These online courses are delivered using a virtual learning environment.

  • Short Courses and Professional development

Sometimes a short course is needed to develop the skills or gain experience. Robert Gordon University offers many short courses to boost a student’s career prospects.

Some Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at Robert Gordon University for January 2024 intake-

Undergraduate Courses in January 2024 intake in RGU

Robert Gordon University provides a wide range of courses in Computing, Art & Design, Creative industries, Business and Law, Engineering, Architecture, Health professions, and many more. 

As a student, if you want to join this University in January 2024 intake, you will need to enter their International year 1 pathway, which is delivered by the International College of Robert Gordon University.

For whom is the International Year 1 in January?

If you somehow missed the application deadline for the September intake, you can choose January 2024 intake. Besides, if you got an offer letter from this University, but are unable to provide all the necessary documents to get a CAS, January 2024 intake is another big opportunity for you. Moreover, if you have not met the academic requirement for the September intake, you can choose the January intake.

Benefits of taking the International Year 1 in January 2024 intake-

  • When you successfully complete the International Year 1 from Robert Gordon University, you will be able to progress to year 2 in September.
  • By studying through the International Year 1 through January 2024 intake, in September, you will be able to progress to Year 2 of the same course.
  • The duration of International Year 1 is 9 months. It starts in January and ends in early September.
  • After successfully completing International Year 1, you will be able to apply for scholarships in this University in the 2nd year.

The Courses you will find in January 2024 intake is-

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Architecture, Construction and Surveying
  • Art and Design
  • Business and Management
  • Communication, Marketing, and Media
  • Computing
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Events, Tourism, and Hospitality
  • Fashion
  • Health and Sport Science
  • Law
  • Nursing, Midwifery, and Paramedic Practice
  • Pharmacy and life Science
  • Social Studies

Postgraduate Courses in January 2024 intake in Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University is offering a range of Master’s degrees in the January 2024 intake. The number of subject areas a student can find in the January 2024 intake is Business, Engineering, Law, Computing, pharmacy, Health, and social care. This outstanding University offers a Master’s degree in various modes. Such as Full time, Part-time, On Campus, and Online Learning Delivery modes.

Taking a Master’s degree in January 2024 intake from Robert Gordon University will positively impact your CV. It will enhance your CV, improve your salary prospects and make you skilled and experienced.

The advantage for the graduates from Robert Gordon University in January 2024 intake

If you have completed a Bachelor’s from this University and are willing to take a postgraduate course here, here is some good news for you. RGU is offering you a 20% alumni loyalty discount on the first-year fees.

On-Campus Postgraduate courses in January 2024 intake in Robert Gordon University

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Architecture, Construction & Surveying
  • Business & Management
  • Communication, Media & Marketing
  • Computing
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Events. Tourism & Hospitality
  • Fashion
  • Health & Sport Science
  • Law
  • Pharmacy and Sport Science

International Master’s student scholarship for Robert Gordon University in January 2024 intake

If you are starting a Master’s Degree in January 2024 intake, This University is offering 4 merit-based scholarships of £4000 discount on fees. So, suppose you intend to study in the UK at an affordable price that will give you a quality education and help you to get ready for the industry. In that case, you must choose Robert Gordon University through January 2024 intake. AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm, is directly partnered with this University. AIMS Education can provide you with authentic information about this University.

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Robert Gordon University offer January intake?

Ans: Yes. Robert Gordon University basically offers 3 intakes such as September, January and May. September is the main intake, Some courses are also available in January intake and only a very few courses are offered in May intake. 

Q. What is the English Language requirement for the undergraduate course from Robert Gordon University for January 2024 intake?

Ans: Most of the undergraduate courses require an IELTS score of 6 with a minimum of 5.5 in each area. Some courses may require more scores. So it would be better to check the English language requirement page before selecting the course.

Q. What is the English Language requirement for the postgraduate course from RGU for January 2024 intake?

Ans: Most postgraduate courses require IELTS 6.5 with a minimum of 5.5 in each area. Some courses may also require higher English language scores.

Q. How many campuses does Robert Gordon University have?

Ans: It has a single campus in Aberdeen with a bunch of opportunities. From quality education to work placement opportunities, you can find everything there.

Q. Is Aberdeen a good place for international students?

Ans: Aberdeen is one of the safest cities to live in the UK for international students. Besides, it is an affordable city also.

Q. What is the student satisfaction rate of Robert Gordon University?

Ans: The overall student satisfaction rate of this University is 82.83%. Besides, students have ranked this University among the top 3 universities in Scotland.

Q. Is Robert Gordon University open for January 2024 intake?

Ans: Yes, this University is open for January 2024 intake for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs.