The UK is the most appropriate country for international students to study abroad. It has world-renowned universities and provides the best quality teaching. It’s a dream of many international students to get a degree from the UK. But education abroad needs lots of preparations and sometimes delays in decision making also become the main reason for the gap years in the UK. Nowadays, the most searched question is ‘how much study gap is accepted in UK 2023?’ 

There is no particular time limit for study gap in the UK. It completely depends on the university. However, many students think their student visa will be rejected due to the gap years. This was true in the past but now it is good news that the UK government has launched a new student visa scheme. The UK is one of the best gap years accepting countries in the world. According to this system, the university has to evaluate the educational qualification for a particular course or program.

What is the Study Gap?

It means the gap years between the previous and the final qualification of a degree. In general, after completing a degree, if you take time to apply for another degree or not get engaged in education, it will be considered as the study gap. For example, you have completed your 12th year of education. After that, without applying for the bachelor’s degree, you have taken a one or two-year gap. This could happen for many reasons. However, no matter what the issue is, as you have taken time to start a new degree, this will be your gap year.

Can I study with a study gap in UK 2023?

This is the most common question for the international students who want to study abroad in UK 2023. The fear is quite normal as an international student you have to invest financially. So, if the gap year causes visa rejection, it would be really frustrating. But the good news is that the UK is very flexible regarding gaps. It is one of the study gap accepted countries in 2023.  If you have qualifications and can justify the reason behind the study breaks, you will more likely get the student visa to study in the UK 2023.

How much study gap is accepted for a Bachelor degree in UK 2023?

Now while you know that you can study in the UK with a gap, the next question that popped into your mind must be the duration, right? Want to know how much of the study gap is accepted in UK 2023 for undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

So if you want to take a Bachelor’s degree in the UK, the gap years shouldn’t be more than 3 years. Most of the UK universities accepted the gap year with this time. However, there are some British universities that accept only 2 years of study gaps for the undergraduate level. Such as: University of Roehampton London, and Ravensbourne University. If you have a gap of more than 2 years, you can not apply for undergraduate programmes in these universities.

How much study gap is accepted for a Master’s degree in UK 2023?

So what about the gap years for Master’s degree in UK 2023? If you want to study at a postgraduate level, 5-7 years of study gaps almost all the UK universities accept. However, don’t get disappointed if your gap years are more than these. As I mentioned earlier, it completely depends on a university for the duration of break years the university will accept. There are also some universities that accept a 10-12 year gap for the master’s degree. But the noteworthy thing is, you must justify the reason properly and have proper work experience.

What are the legitimate reasons for the study gap in UK 2023?

Though the UK accepts students with a gap year, it doesn’t mean one can randomly take admission to the British universities with the gap years. As an international student, you must justify the reasons behind it. So how could you justify the gaps and what would be the legitimate reasons behind the gaps? Let’s discuss it here-

  • Work Experience

Let’s say, after taking a degree, due to financial reasons you were unable to take further education. So, you were doing jobs or businesses to earn money. This could be a winning reason for you to study in the UK with gap years. The UK recognises work experience as they encourage the productivity of a candidate. If you have engaged in any project based or volunteer work, you can show the work experience letter as a legitimate reason for the study break in UK 2023.

  • Reason to appear for competitive exams

If you have taken a gap year because you needed to prepare for any government exams or other job exams, it can be shown as the legitimate reason for the gap years. It would be better if you share this reason with the immigration officer who can show you the proper way to apply.

  • Showing family issues

Some people cannot continue their education due to many family issues. And this reason is completely valid. All you need to do is to tell the real fact or situation to the immigration officer. This reason will not create any problem to get a degree in the UK in 2023.

  • Health problem

Health is wealth. When the health gets deteriorated, there is nothing to do but to take treatment. Often students need to take a break from education because of health issues. If your study break reason is something like this, you should share this with the visa officer and provide all the necessary medical documents.

  • Other remarkable reasons

If you have other reasons for the gap years and they are valid to show, share them also with the visa officer. If the reason is justified, you can enroll to any UK universities regarding the study gap. 

How can I justify the Study gap in UK 2023?

Often students get rejected though they have valid reasons for study breaks. It happens because of the lack of appropriate justification. Here are some ways you can justify the gap reasons in the UK 2023. Such as:

  • Be honest while explaining the study gap reasons

No matter what the reason behind the study break years, all you have to do is to be honest with it. When you try to cover up things, it will become worse. So be genuine while answering. Sometimes, honest answers can make things better.

  • Keep it positive while explaining

If your gap reason is not properly positive, still you need to focus on the positive aspects while explaining. As an example, if you work during the study gap years, explain how it helps you to gain work experience. Be confident.

  • Provide proper explanation on how did you pass the gap years

A proper explanation can make everything right. Explain in detail how you have passed the time of your gaps, and what valuable experience you have gained through it. 

  • Prove that you are passionate about UK education and the course

When the visa officer finds out your passion about UK education and your true intention is to get a degree, this is enough to justify the reason to study in UK 2023. So prove that you are passionate about UK education and the course.

What are the documents I can show to fix the study gap in UK 2023?

When justifying the gap reason, you need to provide some documents as a proof. So, these are the documents you can provide-

  • A up to date passport
  • Academic documents
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Health certificate
  • Mark sheet and diplomas
  • Slip of wages
  • Appointment letter
  • Medical documents
  • Certificates on any short courses

Which universities in UK 2023 are accepting study gaps?

Almost all the UK universities accept gap years in UK 2023. Among them, some are:

Final Word

So, if you want to study in the UK but couldn’t gather courage due to study gaps and looking for an expert solution, you should visit AIMS Education once. AIMS Education is a student consultancy firm in Bangladesh that helps students to study in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. AIMS Education is directly partnered with many UK universities and its expert counselors will show you a right way to study in the UK with a gap.


Is a 10 year study gap accepted in UK 2023?

Yes, some of the UK universities accept a 10 year gap for studying a Master’s degree.

Can I study in UK 2023 with a study gap?

The UK is quite flexible in terms of study break. They look for qualifications. So, if you have a study break but have the proper reason to justify, you can study in the UK with a study gap.

How do I justify my study gap in UK 2023?

By giving proper justification or showing the documents like work experience letter, medical or course certification, you can justify your gap years in UK 2023.

Can I get my desired course in UK if i have a study gap?

The gap won’t hinder you from getting your preferred course in UK 2023. You can take any course if you have qualifications.

How much study gap is accepted in UK 2023 after 12th?

After 12th, 2-3 years of study break is accepted to study in the UK.

How much study gap is accepted in UK 2023 for Master’s?

For a Master’s degree, 5-8 years of gaps are easily acceptable for many of the UK universities.

How much study gap is accepted in UK 2023 for Bachelor’s?

To get a Bachelor’s degree in the UK, a 2-3 gap year is accepted by most of the UK universities.

Which universities accept 2 years of study gap for UG programme in UK 2023?

University of Roehampton and Ravensbourne University accept 2 years of gap for UG programme in UK 2023.

Which university accepts a 5 years of study gap for UG and PG courses in UK 2023?

The University College Birmingham accepts a 5 years of study gap for UG and PG courses in UK 2023.


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    Does York St John University accepts 6 years gap?

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      I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful remarks. The university will determine everything.

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