How to Study in the UK from Ghana?

Are you a Ghanaian student and dreaming of studying in the UK? Your study abroad dream can be true if you follow the steps properly. The United Kingdom is such a country that provides an abundance of opportunities to international students. A student can take many foundations, bachelor’s, and postgraduate courses there. Let’s explore how to get a student to study in the UK from Ghana.

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    Benefits of a Ghananian Student studying in the UK.

    Every year many Ghanaian students enroll in British universities. To them, the facilities that the United Kingdom provides are immense. There are many reasons Ghanaian students choose the United Kingdom for education. Such as-

    • Shorter degree
    • Post study work permission
    • Part-time work opportunities
    • World-recognised and top-rated university
    • Standard teaching quality
    • Scholarship opportunities
    • Industry-related work experience.
    • Affordable tuition fees
    • Flexible entry requirements
    • High standard of Living

    The admission process to study in the UK from Ghana

    When you apply to study in the UK as an international student, you need to follow some specific admission procedures. Let’s know about the processes to study in the UK from Ghana step by step-

    • Research on the universities and the courses. You might check location, ranking and facilities offered by the Universities. 
    • Shortlist some universities and the courses by checking the entry requirements, fee, scholarship, CAS deposit, installment plan.
    • Finalize a few options and apply directly or take help from agent to apply 
    • Get a conditional or unconditional offer letter.
    • Pay minimum (CAS- Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) deposit 
    • Provide proof of funds and TB test certificate for the CAS. You may need to pass a pre-cas interview before getting the CAS
    • Once CAS is issued apply for the visa
    • Get the visa and plan your travel.

    Entry Requirements to study in the UK from Ghana

    International students must match the entry requirements to get a degree in the United Kingdom. To qualify for a university program, a student must need some academic and language credentials. The basic entry criteria for applying to the UK are divided into 3 categories. They are- Age requirement, Academic score, and English language proficiency score.

    Age Requirement 

    A student must be 18 or over to study in the UK. But for the students who are between 4-17, must need a parental consent letter with a child student visa.

    Academic Requirements

    Besides the age requirement, a student must match the academic requirement to study in the UK. It is very important to enroll in a university. Let’s know about the requirements.

    Undergraduates Entry Requirements 

    • Higher National Diploma awarded after 1992 – GPA 2.0.
    • University Certificate
    • or Diploma with GPA 2.0
    • Diploma may be acceptable depending on the subject studied and the awarding institution.

    International Foundation Programme

    Entry Criteria

    • At least 18 years or over upon completion of the International Foundation Programme
    • West African Senior School Certificate with C6 or above in 5 subjects (to include Mathematics for STE Pathway)
    • Attain an overall score of 5.0 in the UKVI IELTS (with no individual band score of less than 5.0)

    International Foundation Year

    Entry Criteria

    • Be aged 18 years by June of the academic year in which the International Foundation Year is completed
    • West African Senior School Certificate with C6 or above in 5 subjects to include Mathematics
    • Attain at least an overall score of 6.0 in an Academic IELTS (with no individual band score of less than 5.5) or West African Senior School Certificate English Language Grade C6

    However, some courses require more English language score, please check the on-line prospectus for further details.

    Postgraduate Entry Requirements

    For the postgraduate degree, a Ghanaian student must require an upper second-class in a bachelor’s degree with a standard course from a recognised Ghanaian university.

    English Language Requirements to Study in the UK from Ghana

    The UK universities accept different English language tests and qualification for the students of Ghana. The UK universities accept the qualification from Ghana. Such as: the West African Examinations Council Senior School Certificate( WASSCE) with a grade C or 6.

    Alternative English Language Qualifications the UK universities accept to study in the UK from Ghana.

    Normally for the bachelor and master’s courses, UKVI IELTS 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 is required. Despite that, some courses may ask for a Higher score. If you do not meet the English language requirement, the university authority may provide you with a conditional offer letter. However, for other degree programmes, 

    IFP 3 terms: IELTS UKVI overall 4.5 and no less than 4.0 in any band.

    IFP 2 terms: IELTS UKVI overall 5.0 and no less than 4.5 in any band.

    International Year 1: Overall 5.5 and no less than 5.5 in any band.

    Pre-Master: Overall 5.5 and no less than 5.5 in any band.

    Besides, a student can apply with Pearson. Cambridge, Oxford, Trinity College ISE, TOEFL iBT etc. However, if you have taken the IELTS test but the score is not up to the mark, you can take a pre-sessional English course. For the pre-sessional English course, you must have a UKVI IELTS.

    Course Options to study in the UK from Ghana

    An international student will find various course options while studying in the UK. So students can choose a course according to their choice and requirements. Such as-

    • Undergraduate
    • Postgraduate
    • 2 year accelerated degree.
    • PhD/Research Degree
    • Integrated Masters

    However, if a student needs a pre-university education, he can take courses like-

    • Foundation or Pathway.
    • Pre-masters
    • Pre-sessional English course.

    University Application Documents to Study in the UK from Ghana.

    Study abroad starts with making applications to the universities. This is the primary step towards your goal.

    • Passport.
    • All academic certificates and transcripts.
    • Documents on English language proficiency.
    • CV 
    • Reference letter
    • Personal statement.
    • Portfolio ( for the art and design courses)

    ( Documents  must be translated by an official translator if they are not in English).

    Visa Application Steps to Study in the UK from Ghana.

    After completing almost all the steps towards taking a British education, the final step is the visa application. While making an application, there are some steps you must follow. Such as-

    • Select the right visa type.
    • Start making visa applications.
    • Find out the amount you need to pay for the visa application.
    • Make an appointment by choosing your nearest visa application center.
    • Upload all the necessary documents.
    • Visit the visa application center.
    • Track your application.
    • Collect your passport.

    Student Visa Eligibility to Study in the UK from Ghana.

    To get a British student visa, an international student must have the following eligibility. 

    • Must have an unconditional offer letter from the licensed student sponsor.
    • Should have English language proficiency.
    • Required amount of money to support yourself and your dependents while staying in the UK.

    However, if you are 16 or 17, and want to apply to a British University, then you need a Child Student Visa.

    Required Visa Documents to Study in the UK from Ghana.

    These are the required documents you need to apply for a British student visa.

    • An original passport or other valid travel documents.
    • Evidence of a sufficient amount of bank statements to cover the tuition fees and living costs.
    • CAS ( Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) reference number and documents to obtain CAS.
    • If you are coming to the UK for more than 6 months, you need to provide a TB test report.
    • CV and work reference ( If they have more than 3 years study gaps)
    • If you’ve received a sponsorship for your course fees and living cost in the last 12 months, provide written consent for your application from the financial sponsor.
    • ATAS clearance certificate ( if required)
    • If you are under 18, provide parental consent.
    • If you are under 18, provide proof of relationship.

    Additional documents students may need if they are-

    • If you are not a citizen of the country from where you are applying from.
    • Under 18 years of age
    • You want to bring their dependents

    Besides, if any of the supporting documents are not in English, they may need to be translated. When translated documents must be dated including the translator’s name and signature with the confirmation that all are accurate documents from the original paper.

    UK Visa Application Center to Study in the UK from Ghana.

    TLS contact is your partner to process all the visa applications from Ghana to the UK. When you are applying from Ghana, the UK visa application center in Accra is open for new visa applications.

    Priority visa Service to Study in the UK from Ghana.

    Many international students every year apply for a visa to study in the UK. That’s why the UKVI is experiencing a huge rush in student visa applications. When you apply for the Priority visa, usually you will get the visa within 5 working days. To get the visa, you have to pay the additional fees.

    How many gap years is acceptable to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Yes, the UK is such a country that accepts students with a study gap. For the bachelor’s degree, the gap of 2-3 years is easily accepted. And for the postgraduate degree, the gap of 5-7 years does make make any problem in getting admission. Besides, some universities accept students with more study gaps. 

    Job Opportunities to Study in the UK from Ghana.

    As an international student, you will find lots of advantages while studying in the UK from Ghana. The advantages will start from the part time work opportunities to the post study work permit. You will be allowed 20 hours of part-time work permission during your semester. However, in holidays, there is no specific time frame of working hours. You can work unlimitedly. After completing education, a student will be able to apply for the graduate route visa. With the graduate route visa, you can stay in the UK for 2-3 years. 

    Eligibility of a Graduate Route Visa to Study in the UK from Ghana.

    To have a graduate route visa in the UK, there are some specific eligibility requirements needed to meet. To apply for the graduate route visa, a student should have the eligibility like the below-

    • You must be in the United Kingdom
    • Your current visa should be the general student visa.
    • For a minimum period of time, you must have a Bachelor, Masters, or other qualifying degree.

    To apply for a graduate route visa, you must need one of the following courses.

    • A British undergraduate degree.
    • A British postgraduate degree.
    • A British PhD or Doctoral degree.

    You can also apply if you have completed one of the following-

    • a law conversion course approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority
    • the Legal Practice Course in England and Wales, the Solicitors Course in Northern Ireland, or a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice in Scotland
    • the Bar Practice Course in England and Wales, or the Bar Course in Northern Ireland
    • a foundation programme in medicine or dentistry
    • a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
    • a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

    Do and Don’ts with a Graduate Route Visa.

    Getting a Graduate Route Visa is fantastic. But a candidate cannot do everything with a graduate route visa. Let’s know what a student can and cannot do with a graduate route visa.


    • Work in most jobs.
    • Look for work.
    • Be self employed.
    • Staying with the dependents.
    • Do voluntary work.
    • Travel abroad and return to the United Kingdom


    • Cannot apply for the state pension or public fund.
    • Work as a professional sports person.

    Can I study in the UK without a bank statement from Ghana?

    Yes, you can apply for the visa with that loan letter if you can submit an education loan letter from a recognized financial institution confirming the education loan. According to the Immigration Rules, here is the evidence of financial sponsorship or student loans for students.

    1. An applicant relying on a student loan under must  show evidence of the student loan by providing a student loan letter from the lender which must:

    (a) be dated no more than 6 months before the date of application; and

    (b) confirm the loan is a student loan provided to the applicant by either the relevant government or a government sponsored student loan company or an academic or educational loans scheme; and

    (c) confirm there are no conditions on release of the loan funds other than a successful application to study in the Great Britain as a Student or Child Student; and

    (d) confirm the amount of the loan; and

    (e) confirm the loan is to the applicant; and

    (f) confirm the funds will be:

    (i) before traveling to the UK; the fund should be available to the applicant, or

    (ii) before the applicant travels to the United Kingdom, paid it directly to the student sponsor with any living cost portion of the loan being made available to the applicant by the time they arrive in the UK; or

    (iii) if the loan is provided by the applicant’s national government, it should be available before the applicant begins their course ; and

    (g) confirm the lender meets the requirement at FIN 8.3(c).

    Scholarship opportunities to study in the UK from Ghana.

    Studying abroad isn’t always fascinating for international students. The matter of finance may bother them always. Many students often back off from their dream to study abroad. But in the United Kingdom, there are many scholarship opportunities available for international students. Some of the scholarships are-

    • GREAT Scholarship
    • Commonwealth Scholarship
    • Chevening Scholarships
    • Rhodes Scholarship.
    • Gates Cambridge Scholarships.
    • Global Leaders Scholarships

    Accommodation facilities to study in the UK from Ghana.

    I know tension arises when you study in a foreign land. Often questions that pop up  in the mind like where do I live and how do I manage the accommodation there. When you enroll in a university, ask the authority if they have any accommodation facilities or not. If they have the facility then what type of it is. Is it catered or self-catered? For the first year students, most of the UK universities provide guaranteed accommodation in the halls of residence or dormitory. However, in the United Kingdom, you may find many private rented houses.

    While applying from Ghana, you can take the help of AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm that helps students study in the UK, USA, and Canada. AIMS Education has a partnership with, a private student housing agency in the United Kingdom. We can help you find your accommodation there.

    FAQ- Frequently Asked Question

    Q. How much does it cost to get a student visa to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: To apply for the student visa, a student needs to pay a fee of 348 GBP. You may pay the fee online, at a visa application center in Ghana, or through a bank transfer.

    Q. What are the main steps to getting a British student visa?

    Ans: To get a British visa, you have to pay the visa application fee through the UK visa website. You may also book an appointment at the visa application center in Ghana. After that, you will receive a GWF number which you will use to register on the Ghana Visa application website. Provide biometrics and other identification documents. Lastly, apply for the visa interview. If everything is ok then you will get a British student visa.

    Q. How much money a student needs to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: Course fees for the first year and up to 9 months of living expenses.
    Living expense for London-based university- {(1334*9)=12006}
    Living expense for outside of London- {(1023*9)=9207}
    For example, if your course fee is £14000 and you have paid £4000. To study at a London-based university, the total amount you need to show is £22006.

    Q. What are the requirements to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: You must match the academic and English language entry requirements to study in the United Kingdom.

    Q. How can I study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: If you want to study at a British University, you have to follow some processes. First, select a university according to your eligibility and the university’s entry requirement. After getting selected, apply for the visa with all the necessary documents. Be prepared for the interview also. When you get the visa, arrange your ticket to fly to your desired study destination.

    Q. What are the English Language requirements to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: Most UK universities accept a Grade 6 or above in English on the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, IGCSE, IELTS and other English language qualification tests. However, if any Ghanaian student isn’t able to match the English language entry requirements, he can achieve the qualification by doing a pre-sessional English course.

    Q. What options will be available after the post-study work visa?

    You will have the following options-
    ● Switching to a student visa again.
    ● Switching to a Skilled Worker Visa.
    ● Switching to a dependent visa of another migrant.
    ● Going back to my home country.

    Q. How long will a student visa be valid in the United Kingdom?

    Ans: Generally, the student visa will be valid for up to the course duration with an extra 1 month. It will help you to stay during the entire degree program in the UK. If you want to stay after your degree, you may need to renew your visa.

    Q. What are the top courses to study in the UK for Ghana?

    Ans: The best fields to study in the UK for Ghanaian students are- Business administration, Accounting, Economics, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Information Technology, Real Estate, International Business etc.

    Q. What are the 70 points for a UK visa?

    Ans: As an international student, to get the British student visa, you will need to obtain 70 points. Such as:
    ● CAS-50.
    ● English-10
    ● Financial documents-10.

    Q. What is the next process after getting a decision on a student visa to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: If your application is successful, you will get either:
    A biometric residence permit- if you gave your biometric information at a visa application center. Or, 
    A digital immigration status which you can view and prove online-if you used the ‘UK Immigration: ID check app.

    Q. Do I need to have a TB test to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: If you are a Ghanaian student and coming to the UK for more than 6 months, you must be tested for Tuberculosis. The UKVI won’t accept a TB test certificate from a clinic that they don’t approve of.