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International Foundation Year in the UK

International Foundation Year in the UK

International Foundation Year in the UK

What is an International Foundation Year?

An international foundation year is a one-year program that prepares students with sufficient skills, experience, and knowledge that they need to have a direct entry to take a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the UK. In short, it is a pathway for international students to take a degree in the UK by providing knowledge of academic subjects, study skills, and English language training.

Why a student should take an international foundation year?

A student should take the international foundation year if he doesn’t meet the entry requirement to take a degree in the UK directly. This program is for students who want a well-rounded, and supportive introduction to taking an undergraduate degree in the UK. This kind of program help students transition into university lifestyles and ensure success while studying abroad. Let’s know why to study this in the UK. 

  • A primary knowledge of the course subject area.
  • Prepare for the level of English language that is mandatory to take a degree in the UK.
  • A grounded academic study skills.
  • Small-sized classes with important lessons.
  • A good introduction to campus life.

After successfully completing the program with the required grades, a student will be well-prepared with skills and knowledge to take a degree in the UK.

Difference between an international foundation year, International Year 1 and a foundation degree?

Many international students may be puzzled between the international foundation year and a foundation degree in the UK. Let’s know the difference between an international foundation year, international year 1 and a foundation degree in the UK.

International Foundation Year

It is a bridge between secondary school and high school. The foundation year combines subject-specific content to provide a student with general academic skills. These types of courses are designed to prepare students fully to take higher education in the UK. From English language learning from the specific subject skills, all are completed by an international foundation year.

International Year One

If you want to take a direct route to the second year of an undergraduate degree at some of the UK universities, then international year one is for you. Though there are many similarities between the international year one and the foundation year, but yet they are different from each other. It is equivalent to the first year of a bachelor’s degree and it is only available for entry to a bachelor’s degree and open only to international students.

Foundation Degree

The foundation degrees are equivalent to the first year and the second year of an undergraduate degree. Foundation degrees normally take 2 years full-time or 3 years part-time to complete. Besides, foundation degree graduates have an option to apply for a top-up course if they want to complete their studies with a Hons degree.

Reasons to study an international foundation year?

There are many reasons to study this program in the UK. It helps students develop skills before entering a degree level qualification in the UK.

  • Fill the gaps between your previous education and the entry requirements of the university

When you want to take a degree in the UK, you may need to match the entry requirement. Now as an international student, if your qualification is lower than the entry requirements, you may need to take this international foundation year and after achieving the required result, a degree in the UK.

  • Understand the university education format.

The education system is different from country to country. So when you want to study in the UK, as an international student, you must have a deep understanding of the university education format. When you are in a foreign country, the more you study before the bachelor’s program, the more confidence you will gain in your degree program. Besides, studying in advance in the UK will help you to understand and get adjusted to the environment and culture of the UK.

  • You can choose your preferred course by matching the grades.

This degree is provided to international and local students in the UK. Through this program, general education is given to different subjects. By taking this one-year course in the UK, you will be eligible to choose your preferred course by matching the grades. As it is a more general program, it will help you to acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas for an undergraduate degree program. Such as computers, psychology, English language, Law, Media and sports. 

  • An excellent opportunity to get along with the surroundings.

Many international students are worried about taking a foreign education because they fear of new country, traditions, and customs. But when they take an international foundation year in the UK, they will get an extra year to explore the surroundings, people, customs, and traditions of the new country. They will know what to do and what not to do in the country.

So if you want to study in the UK, but less qualification makes you worried about the degree qualification, you can take an international foundation year there as a preparatory course. If you need any information regarding it, you can visit AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm that will help you by providing information on the universities where you can take this program.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does an international foundation year take in the UK?

Ans: It usually takes one year to complete it in the UK. It is a preparatory course that helps students to gain sufficient academic and English language proficiency to complete a degree in the UK.

Q.  What is the foundation year in the UK for international students?

Ans: It is a pre-university program equivalent to year 13 ( A levels) qualification in the UK. This one-year program is for international students. It provides English language and subject-specific skills to help a student take an undergraduate degree successfully. In short, when an international student has insufficient qualifications to take a degree in the UK directly, he can take this international foundation year.

Q.  Is Foundation year compulsory in the UK?

Ans: Foundation years are not compulsory for every degree course in the UK. It is for students who have a study gap or insufficient results and are unable to take a university education in the UK  directly. However, students found the significant advantages of a foundation year for their future education.

Q.  Is a foundation year is same as a foundation degree?

Ans: No foundation year is not as same as a foundation degree in the UK. Whereas a foundation year gives access to a degree course, a foundation degree is a qualification equivalent to a two-year or three-year degree.

Q.  Do UK universities accept foundation years?

Ans: Yes, UK universities accept foundation years and the foundation year graduates onto an undergraduate degree. Even they are providing this course to make international students eligible for taking a degree in the universities of the UK.

Q.  Can international students apply for a foundation year in the UK?

Ans: The international foundation year is designed for international students with insufficient qualifications to get a university-level degree in the UK.

Q.  How long does it take to complete a degree with a foundation year?

Ans: The duration of a foundation year is 1 year. And a degree course ( Bachelor’s) takes 3 years to complete. So along with a foundation year, a degree will take 4 years to complete.