Journalism degrees are very renowned courses to study. The role and status of Journalism is constantly evolving from the 21st century with the continued emergence of technology. Journalism courses in the UK focuses on practice of investigation, reporting of events, issues, trends and other news. This article has covered every information about Journalism in the UK. So, if you want to pursue a Journalism degree in the United Kingdom, this article will help you a lot. 

Why should you take Journalism degrees in the UK?

The UK is the most renowned place to study as this country offers quality education to the students world wide. Here are some reasons to study Journalism degrees in the UK. Such as-

  • Quality Education

The UK education system is mostly practical based. So, the students get the best quality education from the university while taking higher degrees. 

  • World Wide Recognition

The UK offers the best degrees that are recognised worldwide. So, if you pursue a degree from the UK you will be able to get jobs anywhere in the world.

  • Availability of courses

In the United Kingdom, you will find almost 100+ top ranking universities that are offering numerous courses for the international students. So, if you want to take a higher education in the UK in Journalism studies, you will get many popular courses available to study.

  • Standard Job Opportunities

The UK offers numerous job opportunities to the students and to the graduates. So, if you take Journalism degrees in the UK, it will help you to get standard jobs.

Universities that offer Journalism degrees in the UK

Journalism degrees are very popular in the world. This field of Journalism requires a lot of risks and a lot of practice to overcome the risks. The UK is a very renowned place to study Journalism. If you want to study Journalism courses in the United Kingdom you will find some universities like-

Entry requirements of Journalism degrees in the UK

You should remember that, for studying at any British university you should always check your entry requirements of your preferred course. It is very important because if your eligibility doesn’t match the entry requirements you can not apply for the UK universities. So, here we are giving the entry requirements of some British universities for Journalism degrees in the UK.

Undergraduate entry requirements for Journalism in the UK

  • Academic
    • A Levels- BBC/BBB
    • BTEC- DMM
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma – 28-32
    • GCSE – Grade 4/C in minimum 3 subjects
    • UCAS – 104-112 Points
  • English

If you are a non native English speaker you will need to have an overall IELTS 6.0 with not less than 5.5. But if you don’t have IELTS you can also give the other English language tests like PTE, GRE, TOEFL also. 

Postgraduate entry requirements for Journalism in the UK

  • Academic

To study in Journalism degrees at postgraduate level in the UK, you must have to complete a 2:1 or 2:2 Bachelor degree in the same field.

  • English

For a masters degree in Journalism you will need an overall IELTS score of 6.5 with not less than 6.0 if you are not a native English speaker. But if you don’t have IELTS you can also give the other English language tests like PTE, GRE, TOEFL also.

However, Some universities may require higher entry requirements for International students. And it can vary from country to country. So, the advice is to always check the country specific entry requirements directly from the university website.

Cost of studying Journalism degrees  in the UK 

Cost is an important factor that a student always considers before applying for a course. When a student thinks about studying abroad the university selection mostly depends on the University tuition fees. Living costs may also affect the decision of studying abroad. So, here we are giving the tuition fees of Journalism studies and the approximate living cost in the UK.

  • Undergraduate tuition fees

If you want to pursue Journalism degrees at undergraduate level in the UK, the approximate tuition fees are currently ranging from £13,980 – £19,850. However, some universities may require higher tuition fees for international students.

  • Postgraduate tuition fees

Tuition fees of journalism degrees in the UK at postgraduate level is currently ranging from £14,130 – £18,600. However, if you study at any Russell Group university you may need to pay more.

However, the universities usually update the tuition fees in every intake. So, the best option is to check the updated tuition fees directly from the university website before applying to a course.  

Approximate Living Cost in the UK

Living cost in the UK can be divided by the living cost inside and outside the London city. If you study Journalism in London, your approximate living cost will be £1334 and if you want to pursue Journalism degrees outside of London city, your approximate living cost will be £1023 per month.

Final Words

Journalism is a very popular course in the UK. Almost all the top ranked British universities offer this course for  international students. The United Kingdom is the best place to study Journalism, because of their education system. So, if you want to pursue Journalism degrees in the UK, you can always contact AIMS Education. It is a trusted consultancy firm that will help you to find the best university according to your budget and to the visa application.


What are the best Journalism courses in the UK?

There are Top 9 universities that offer Journalism in the UK. Such as-
Birmingham City University
Coventry University
Robert Gordon University
University of Roehampton London
Canterbury Christ Church University
Swansea University
York St John University
DE Montfort University
University of Gloucestershire

How long are Journalism degrees in the UK?

To study an undergraduate program in Journalism in the UK, it will take 3 years to complete the degree. But it will take one more year if you take placement with your course.

Is Journalism in demand in the UK?

Journalism studies is one of the most demanding courses in the UK. It offers numerous jobs to the students while graduating from this course.

What is the best degree for Journalism?

There are so many best degrees in Journalism that are offered by the UK universities. Such as-
Broadcast Journalism
Communication and Media Studies
Media Arts etc.

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