Many people usually search for the most affordable UK universities for international students when they study abroad.UK education has another level of quality. Many people dream of taking a UK degree because it will provide quality education and make a robust impact on their CV. The employers give special priority and appreciation to the UK degree holder. One can be academically and professionally affluent with a UK education.

Considering study comes with the major concern of the tuition fees. It is assumed and mostly believed that UK education is costly. But it is a partial truth because the cost of living in the UK makes it more expensive than tuition fees.

The UK is the most luxurious city for international students. On the top, many institutions also have high tuition fees. So for international students, it will put heavy financial and mental pressure on them. So if you desire a Bachelor’s or other higher degree in the UK but moderate finance, welcome you here. I am showing some most affordable but standard education institutions to study in the UK. Let’s learn about some most affordable UK universities for international students.

ULSTER UNIVERSITY- An Affordable university in the UK for international students

Ulster University- an afffordable university in the UK for international students. It is a multi-campus university with branch campuses in London and Birmingham. It runs in partnership with QA higher education. The Branch campuses in London and Birmingham offer fully accredited degrees at bachelor’s and Master’s levels with an excellent research option and work-based learning.

Ulster University accepts a wide range of international qualifications. The entry requirement for all courses is competency in speaking and writing English. The minimum English language entry requirement is IELTS 6.0 with no band score of less than 5.5.

Full-time students registering for the postgraduate diploma will be charged ⅔ of the complete master’s fee. On the other hand, if a full-time student registers for the postgraduate certificate, it will be charged ⅓ of the full master’s fee for some specific source.

The fees demonstrated are based on the 2022 / 23 session.

The ranking of Ulster University is 44th out of 130 universities in the UK.

According to a survey, 92% of Ulster graduates are employed as all courses are designed to enhance employability and future career prospects.

NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY- a reasonable university in the UK for international students

Northumbria University-a reasonable university in the UK for international students. This university offers mostly engineering, psychology, business, environment, computing, law, business, arts, etc. According to the national ranking, it ranks 62nd in the Times university rank. An international student will get up to 30% scholarships by getting admission there. Besides, they are prominent for their digital marketing score.

As per the ranking, accommodation facility, location, and alumni, Northumbria university is the best place to start your academic life. It is a research-based, business-focused, professional university with an excellent academic record.

CANTERBURY CHRIST CHURCH UNIVERSITY- the budget friendly university in the UK for international students.

Canterbury Christ Church University is the budget friendly university in the UK for international students. It is a highly-ranked public institution to get higher education. Its university is in the beautiful setting in North holmes in Canterbury. This university is the best in research and teaching methodology. It received a prestigious award in the Teaching excellence framework.

University of Roehampton London

Another university that you can count as the best university to study at a minimum price is the University of Roehampton London. According to the Times Good University Guide 2022, the University of Roehampton London is the best modern university in London. It gives career-led teaching where students can study with a work placement opportunity. It is located in the heart of South-east London within easy reach of central London. By studying at the University of Roehampton London, you will be a part of 175 years of history.

The University of South Wales- The most affordable UK university for international students

The University of South Wales is another affordable university for international students. An extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate quality courses, award-winning lectures, and employability records make it a top choice for international students. Besides, it is only a two-hour train journey away from London location-wise. According to the world university ranking 2022, the University of South Wales ranked between 1001-1200th. The university is renowned for its partnership with major employers. 94% of its students are in employment or further study within 6 months.

Robert Gordon University- a well-known university in the UK

If you are looking for a professionally focused university that provides industry-based education, then Robert Gordon can be your best choice. Robert Gordon University has one of the best records for graduate-level employment among UK universities. There are many pathway programmes available at Robert Gordon University.

The world university ranking of Robert Gordon University is between 1001-1200th.

De Montfort University

De Montfort University is a public university in the city of Leicester, England. According to the ranking of Times Higher Education 2022, this university ranked between 601-800th. It has four faculties-Art, Design and Humanities, Business and law, Health and Life Sciences, and Technology. It is in 126th position according to the UK university ranking 2022. De Montfort University offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Foundation, Part-time, and distance learning courses.

There is varieties type of master’s programmes available at De Montfort University. According to the variation of courses, the course fees are also different.

Portsmouth University

It is a public university in the city of Portsmouth, England. Portsmouth is one of the four universities in the southeast that rated gold according to the Government Teaching Excellence Framework.

According to the QS world university ranking 2022, the University of Portsmouth ranks between 651- 700. This university is given 5 stars from the QS based on teaching, art and culture, employability etc.

Coventry University

It is a public university in Coventry, England. Four faculties at Coventry University offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Coventry University ranked between 601-800 according to The World University Ranking 2022. Coventry University provides career-focused industry-related courses.

These are the affordable universities to study abroad in the UK. Besides, there are many more on the list. So to know more, come to AIMS Education– a student consultancy firm in Bangladesh. AIMS Education sends students to the UK, USA, and Canada. Moreover, AIMS Education is directly partnered with many UK, USA, and Canadian universities. To study in the UK, apply from AIMS Education and take up to 50% scholarships.

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