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Northumbria University Newcastle
Northumbria University Newcastle
  • Intake : Sep, Jan, May,

  • Location : Sutherland Building, 2 Ellison PI, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 8ST, UK

  • World Ranking : It ranks 651-700 in the QS world university ranking 2023

  • Scholarship : Un undergraduate £3000 & Postgraduate £2000

Northumbria University Newcastle

Northumbria University is located in the center of Newcastle upon Tyne. It has been named UK University of the Year 2022 by the Times Higher Education. Besides, Newcastle upon Tyne is a very popular student city in the UK. It ranks 651-700 in the QS world university ranking 2023. A student can find an immense number of courses in this university and the tuition fees are also quite affordable.

Why Study at Northumbria University Newcastle?

There are many reasons students choose to study at Northumbria University-Newcastle. It is one of the most prominent universities in the United Kingdom. Let’s know some reasons to study at Northumbria University-Newcastle. They are:

  • The stunning city
  • The coastal area
  • The gorgeous nightlife
  • The students’ union
  • The advantages and facilities
  • The modern library
  • Experienced academics
  • Great student accommodation

Ranking of Northumbria University Newcastle

Learning about the ranking is very important for the international students before enrolling to a university. Before investing in education, most international students research university rankings. So here is the ranking of Northumbria University.

  • According to QS world university rankings: Sustainability 2023 ranking is 501-550.
  • The World University Ranking 2023 is 501-600th.( by Times Higher Education)
  • The QS World University Ranking 2023 is 651-700.
  • The QS World University Ranking by Subject is 401-450.
  • The Graduate Employability Ranking 2023 is 251-300.
  • Impact ranking 2022 is 101-200th.
  • Young University Ranking 2022 is 95th.

History of Northumbria University Newcastle

A lifetime of learning is the motto of Northumbria University. It is a public university located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East of England, UK. It has other branches in London and Amsterdam. In September 1992, this university was awarded the university status.

Northumbria University became the largest university in the North East of England by the year of 2000.This university has four faculties-Arts, Design, Social Sciences, Business and Law, Engineering and Environment, and Health and Life Sciences.

Location of Northumbria University Newcastle

Northumbria University is located exactly right in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The address of this university is Sutherland Building, 2 Ellison PI, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 8ST, UK.

There are two city campuses of Northumbria University-Newcastle Upon Tyne. The Coach Campus is 3 miles away from the city campus. Besides, London is 3 hours away from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Intakes at Northumbria University Newcastle

A student usually will find 3 intakes while applying to Northumbria University Newcastle. These are the admission sessions when a student can apply. They are-

  • September
  • January
  • May

However, there are some more intakes also available for Undergraduate Top-Up courses

Courses at Northumbria University Newcastle

Undergraduate Courses

  • 3D Design BA (Hons)
  • Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) – 1 Year Completion Award
  • Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) – Completion Award
  • Accounting BSc Degree (Hons)
  • Accounting, Finance and Economics Foundation Year
  • American Studies BA (Hons)
  • Applied Sciences Foundation Year
  • Architecture and Built Environment Foundation Year
  • Architecture BA (Hons)
  • Architecture MArch
  • Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)
  • Automotive Engineering BEng (Hons)
  • Automotive Engineering MEng (Hons)
  • Biochemistry BSc (Hons)
  • Biology BSc (Hons)
  • Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
  • Building Surveying BSc (Hons)
  • Business and Human Resource Management BA (Hons)
  • Business and Management Foundation Year
  • Business and Marketing BA (Hons)
  • Business and Supply Chain Management BA (Hons)
  • Business Computing BSc (Hons)
  • Business Management BA (Hons)
  • Chemistry BSc (Hons)
  • Chemistry MChem
  • Childhood and Early Years Studies BA (Hons)
  • Civil Engineering BEng (Hons)
  • Civil Engineering MEng (Hons)
  • Computer Science BSc (Hons)
  • Computing and Information Technology Foundation Year
  • Construction Management BSc Degree (Hons)
  • Criminology and Forensic Science BSc (Hons)
  • Criminology and Sociology BSc (Hons)
  • Criminology BSc (Hons)
  • Data Science BSc (Hons)
  • Design for Industry BA (Hons)
  • Design Foundation Year
  • Economics and Finance BSc Degree (Hons)
  • Economics BSc (Hons)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng (Hons)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng (Hons)
  • English Language and Literature BA (Hons)
  • English Language Studies BA (Hons)
  • English Literature and American Studies BA (Hons)
  • English Literature and Creative Writing BA (Hons)
  • English Literature and History BA (Hons)
  • English Literature BA (Hons)
  • Entrepreneurship BA (Hons)
  • Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
  • Fashion BA (Hons)
  • Fashion Communication BA (Hons)
  • Fashion Design and Marketing BA (Hons)
  • Film and TV Production BA (Hons)
  • Film, Media, Theatre and Performance Foundation Year
  • Finance and Investment Management Degree BSc (Hons)
  • Fine Art BA (Hons)
  • Fine Art Foundation Year
  • Food Science and Nutrition BSc (Hons)
  • Forensic Science BSc (Hons)
  • Four Year Doctor of Medicine (MD4)
  • Games Computing BSc (Hons)
  • Geography and Environmental Sciences Foundation Year
  • Geography BA (Hons)
  • Geography BSc (Hons)
  • Global Business Management (Finance) BSc (Hons) – 1 Year Completion Award
  • Global Business Management (Finance) BSc (Hons) – Completion Award
  • Global Business Management (Human Resources) BSc (Hons) – 1 Year Completion Award
  • Global Business Management (Human Resources) BSc (Hons) – Completion Award
  • Global Business Management (Logistics and Supply Chain) BSc (Hons) – 1 Year Completion Award
  • Global Business Management (Logistics and Supply Chain) BSc (Hons) – Completion Award
  • Global Business Management (Marketing) BSc (Hons) – 1 Year Completion Award
  • Global Business Management (Marketing) BSc (Hons) – Completion Award
  • Global Business Management BSc (Hons) – Completion Award
  • Global Business Management BSc (Hons) – 1 Year Completion Award
  • Graduate Diploma in Law / Common Professional Examination GDL/CPE
  • Graphic Design BA (Hons)
  • Guidance and Counseling BA (Hons)
  • Health and Social Care BSc (Hons)
  • Health, Education and Social Care Foundation Year
  • History and American Studies BA (Hons)
  • History and Politics BA (Hons)
  • History BA (Hons)
  • Humanities Foundation Year
  • Interior Architecture BA (Hons)
  • Interior Design BA (Hons)
  • International Banking and Finance BSc (Hons) – 1 Year Completion Award
  • International Banking and Finance BSc (Hons) – Completion Award
  • International Business Management BSc (Hons)
  • International Business Management with Spanish BSc (Hons)
  • International Relations and Politics BA (Hons)
  • International Tourism, Hospitality and Events BSc (Hons) – 1 Year Completion Award
  • International Tourism, Hospitality and Events BSc (Hons) – Completion Award
  • Law Foundation Year
  • Law LLB (Hons)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management BA (Hons)
  • Marketing BA (Hons)
  • Marketing Management and Business (top up) BA (Hons)
  • Mass Communication (Completion) BA (Hons)
  • Mass Communication and Business BA (Hons)
  • Mass Communication BA (Hons)
  • Mass Communication with Advertising BA (Hons)
  • Mass Communication with Business BA (Hons)
  • Mass Communication with Public Relations BA (Hons)
  • Mathematics BSc (Hons)
  • Mathematics MMath (Hons)
  • Mathematics, Physics, and Electrical Engineering Foundation Year
  • Mechanical and Civil Engineering Foundation Year
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)
  • Mechanical Engineering MEng (Hons)
  • Midwifery Studies BSc (Hons)
  • Music BA (Hons)
  • Music Foundation Year
  • Networks and Cyber Security BSc (Hons)
  • Nursing Science BSc (Hons)
  • Nursing Science Registered Nurse (Adult) BSc (Hons)
  • Nursing Science Registered Nurse (Child) BSc (Hons)
  • Nursing Science Registered Nurse (Learning Disabilities) BSc (Hons)
  • Nursing Science Registered Nurse (Mental Health) BSc (Hons)
  • Occupational Therapy BSc (Hons)
  • Operating Department Practice BSc (Hons)
  • Operating Department Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship | Operating Department Practice BSc (Hons)
  • Physical Geography BSc (Hons)
  • Physics BSc (Hons)
  • Physics MPhys (Hons)
  • Physics with Astrophysics BSc (Hons)
  • Physics with Astrophysics MPhys (Hons)
  • Physiotherapy BSc (Hons)
  • Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship | Durham Constabulary
  • Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship | Northumbria Police
  • Pre-Sessional English and Study Skills
  • Primary Education BA (Hons)
  • Professional Policing BSc (Hons)
  • Psychology BSc (Hons)
  • Psychology Foundation Year
  • Psychology with Criminology BSc (Hons)
  • Quantity Surveying BSc (Hons)
  • Real Estate BSc (Hons)
  • Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship | Nursing Science/ Registered Nurse (Adult) BSc (Hons)
  • Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship | Nursing Science/ Registered Nurse (Child) BSc (Hons)
  • Social Science Foundation Year
  • Social Work BSc (Hons)
  • Sociology BSc (Hons)
  • Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons)
  • Sport Coaching BSc (Hons)
  • Sport Foundation Year
  • Sport Management BSc (Hons)
  • Sport, Exercise and Nutrition BSc (Hons)
  • Theatre and Performance BA (Hons)
  • Tourism and Events Management BA (Hons)

Pre-master’s courses

  • Pre-master’s in Business
  • Pre-master’s in Computing
  • Pre-master’s in Engineering

International Foundation Programmes

  • Applied Science
  • Art, Design and Media
  • Business and Law
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

International Year One

  • Business

Postgraduate Courses

  • International Business Management MSc
  • Master of Public Health (Nutrition)
  • Multidisciplinary Innovation MA MSc
  • Creative Writing MA
  • LLM Professional Legal Practice
  • Construction Project Management with BIM MSc
  • Law (Cyber Law) LLM
  • Real Estate (International) MSc
  • Engineering Management MSc
  • Information Science (Data Analytics) MSc
  • Nursing MSc
  • Microelectronic and Communications Engineering MSc
  • Mechanical Engineering MSc
  • Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) MSc
  • Master of Public Health
  • English Literature MRes
  • Publishing MA
  • Applied Economics MSc
  • Law (Space Law) LLM
  • Finance MSc
  • Project Management MSc
  • Computer Science MSc
  • Nursing Science Registered Nurse (Mental Health) MSc
  • International Development MSc
  • International Finance and Investment MSc
  • Creative and Cultural Industries Management MA
  • Communication Design MA
  • Economics and Sustainability MSc
  • Electrical Power Engineering MSc
  • International Sport Management MSc
  • Law (International Commercial Law) LLM
  • Advanced Computer Science MSc
  • Forensic Accounting MSc
  • Education (SEND Inclusion) MA
  • Nutritional Science MSc
  • English Language and Linguistics MA
  • Biotechnology MSc
  • Microbiology MSc
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies MSc
  • International Relations, Conflict and Security MA
  • Applied Linguistics for TESOL MA
  • Accounting and Finance MSc
  • Interior Architecture Postgraduate Certificate
  • Business and Management MSc
  • Business Analytics MSc
  • Psychology MRes
  • Education MA
  • Design MA
  • Education (Teaching and Learning) MA
  • Education (Leadership and Management) MA
  • Nursing Science Registered Nurse (Child) MSc
  • Data Science MSc
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice MA
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MSc
  • Fashion Design (Menswear) MA
  • Fashion Design (Performance Wear) MA
  • Sport and Exercise Nutrition MSc
  • Occupational and Organizational Psychology MSc
  • Arts MRes
  • Strength and Conditioning MSc
  • Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction MSc
  • Real Estate MSc
  • Nursing Science Registered Nurse (Learning Disability) MSc
  • Disaster Management and Sustainable Development MSc
  • Fashion Design MA
  • Bar Course
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology MSc
  • Fashion Design (Womenswear) MA
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc
  • Theatre and Performance MA
  • English Literature MA
  • Marketing MSc
  • Psychology MSc
  • Legal Practice Postgraduate Diploma
  • Digital Marketing MSc
  • Bar Course LLM
  • LLM in Legal Practice
  • Global Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management MSc
  • Sport Performance and Analysis MSc
  • Fashion Design (Sustainable and Ethical) MA

International tuition fees for 2023/24 at Northumbria University Newcastle

For English Language and Qualifying Programme

For Foundation Programme

For placements and study abroad years

Postgraduate Programme

  • For Pre-master’s
  • For Arts, Design, and Social Sciences Courses
  • For Business. Finance, and Law Courses
  • For Computing, Engineering, and Environment Course
  • For Health, Education, and Life Science Courses


Undergraduate Courses- £17500-£19000

Foundation Programme- £11000-£20500

Pre-Master’s Programme- £6750

Postgraduate Courses-£17500-£38000

English language and qualifying programme-£1600-£6500

Scholarship Opportunities at Northumbria University Newcastle

For 2023/24 international undergraduate students, Northumbria University Newcastle offers the Northumbria International scholarship for the students joining in September 2023 and Postgraduate international scholarships. 

  • Undergraduate Students will get a £3000 discount in the first year of the 3 years bachelor’s degree.
  • The postgraduate taught students will get £2000 discount joining in September 2023, and January 2024.

However, there are other scholarships also available.

Country specific entry requirements at Northumbria University Newcastle

Every year many international students choose Northumbria University Newcastle to study abroad. Many applicants make their application from different countries. Each country has its own entry requirements. Here we will discuss the country specific entry requirements at Northumbria University Newcastle.







Required Documents for Visa Application at Northumbria University Newcastle

Some documents are required for the international students to apply for a visa application. Without these documents, getting a student visa would be very tough. They are: 

  • UK Visa Application form
  • Two photographs of the Student
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of financial Statement
  • Proof of accommodation Support
  • Tuberculosis test 
  • Biometric Information
  • Travel history 

Student support at Northumbria University Newcastle

When getting into Northumbria University Newcastle, the authority will ensure that an international student will get everything in place. The student management team of Northumbria University will try their best to make a student feel nurtured and helped until they complete their graduation.

Student support and well being

Northumbria University Newcastle provides various help and support to the overseas students. A plethora of support a student will get from this university. The student support team will work on disability issues, faith issues, counseling and mental health support, welfare issues, finance and funding etc.

Graduate Futures

You will get help from first year to final year, and after graduation from the Northumbria University Newcastle’s Graduate Future team.The team will assist you in planning your career, enhancing the employability skill, and work towards application success. Besides, you will get help from the team to find a job. Moreover, you can meet employers on campus who will provide you with your dream job.

Student engagement

Northumbria University Newcastle has a great customer service excellence center. The student engagement system will help international students to keep on the right track.Here a student will be well informed and supported while studying there. Through their frontline Ask4Help Service, the university offers personalized and professional service to all the international students.  

University Library

In the UK Northumbria University Newcastle’s library obtains the greatest level of student satisfaction. It provides online services, huge learning spaces, scholarly resources, and a co-operation environment. The library facilities are available 24/7.

Notable Alumni at Northumbria University Newcastle

Some notable alumni at Northumbria University Newcastle are:

  • Bibiana Aido
  • Dame Vera Baird DBE QC
  • Tunde Baiyewu
  • Amanda Berry OBE
  • Tim Brown
  • Steve Cram CBE
  • Lady Edwina Grosvenor
  • Peter Horbury
  • Sir Jonathan Ive KBE
  • Dr Tshering Lama
  • Rob Law MBE
  • Stephen Miller MBE
  • Victoria Pendleton CBE
  • James Rowan
  • Gordon Sumner CBE (Sting)
  • Louise Trotter

Job opportunities at Northumbria University Newcastle

Northumbria University will help students to earn while learning. Having job opportunities during education will help students to gain expensive skills. Northumbria University’s Jobsonline is a university online vacancy system. It will offer many part-time work, temporary one off jobs, and vacation placement. By setting up email alerts, a student will learn about many new job posts. Besides, Northumbria University Newcastle have career advisors who help students to standardize the CV. Besides, in October, the university holds Students Jobs and Volunteering Fairs.

Accommodation facilities at Northumbria University Newcastle

Your living environment will create a huge impact on a student’s life.studying abroad is a huge part of student experience, and it should be positive and perfect. The accommodation team of Northumbria University understands it very well. Finding the right accommodation will help students to concentrate more on education.

While applying for student accommodation, you will be given a chance to select the exact building, room or flat. You can only confirm your booking when you find the perfect place for you. You can book an accommodation by following some easy steps. Such as:

  • Confirm Northumbria University as your first choice of university.
  • Visit the student portal and log in to the accommodation section for booking.
  • Select your bedroom.
  • Complete your contract.
  • Pay the advance rent payment.

Some residences of Northumbria University Newcastle are:

  • Winn- From £125.02 per week
  • Trinity Square- From £125.51 per week
  • New Bridge Street-  From £135.10 per week
  • Camden Court- From £138.87 per week
  • Calude Gibb-  From £125.09 per week
  • Glenamara House- From £100.03 per week
  • Lovaine Hall- From £86.03 per week

Transportation at Northumbria University Newcastle

There are many extensive transportation systems available in the city of Newcastle. You can go there by following many directions. Such as:

By Road: The A1(M) passes through the Newcastle Upon Tyne linking the area of London.

By Coach: The Newcastle Coach Station located on St.James Boulevard is well-connected to long distance coaches to other major cities. There are two major bus stations available named Haymarket and Elson square. 

By Train: There are many direct rail services available from many cities of the UK to the Newcastle central station.

Application Process for International Student at Northumbria University Newcastle

You must follow some steps and rules if you are an international student and want to apply at Northumbria University Newcastle . You will not get a UK student visa without following the processes properly. They are:

  • Apply with all the entry requirements of your  preferred course.
  • Make 50% CAS payment for getting an Unconditional offer letter.
  • Pre CAS interview pass to get the CAS letter.
  • Apply for the visa after getting a CAS letter from the university.

How to apply at Northumbria University Newcastle

Willing to apply at Northumbria University Newcastle campus? Knowledge about the application method will help you to apply without any difficulties. That’s why we are here to help you. Follow the process and learn about the application method. Click the “ Apply Now” button below. After that, you will find a form.

Complete the application form properly with accurate information. Soon one of our experienced counselors will contact you to provide you the solution. You can smoothly apply to the Northumbria University Newcastle by following our expert counselors instructions. Besides, the expert counselors of AIMS Education will let you know about any additional qualification you need to take a course directly.

Final Words

So if you want to study at Northumbria University Newcastle, AIMS Education- a student consultancy firm can help you. We are directly partnered with this university and help you to study in the UK free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to attend an interview for the university application process?2022-11-28T04:19:39+00:00

Ans: For some programmes, an interview is required for the selection process. This is particularly for the students who apply for Architecture, Art & Design, Drama, Health, Education, and Social Work.

Does Northumbria University Newcastle offer jobs for international students?2022-11-28T04:19:14+00:00

Ans: Yes, Northumbria University offers many part-time job opportunities for international students so that they can gain valuable work experience and a stable incoming source.

What is Northumbria University Newcastle famous for?2022-11-28T04:18:16+00:00

Ans: Northumbria University is a modern university that has a global reputation for its academic excellence and research-intensive courses.

Is Northumbria University Newcastle a good university?2022-11-28T04:17:36+00:00

Ans: Northumbria University is one of the largest and popular universities in the UK to study abroad. For an international student, getting into this university is very prestigious.An international student will get academic and practical experience together by studying there. Besides, location wise, Newcastle upon Tyne is the best student city for international students.

How long does it take to get an offer letter from Northumbria University Newcastle?2022-11-28T04:15:45+00:00

Ans: Northumbria University will try their best to respond to every applicant as soon as possible. A student will receive a response within ten working days with one of the following- Conditional or an unconditional offer letter.

Why should a student choose Northumbria University Newcastle to study abroad?2022-11-28T04:08:36+00:00

Ans: Northumbria University is well known for its high-quality teaching, and research intensive courses. It has a global reputation for academic excellence. Northumbria University’s campuses have academic experts and provide professional support to students.

What should I need to study at Northumbria University Newcastle?2022-11-28T04:05:52+00:00

Ans: As an international student, you must need a letter of acceptance or offer letter from the university to study at Northumbria University Newcastle. Besides, you will need a medical test report like a TB certificate, academic documents and certificates, financial documents etc.



The university authority can anytime change their entry requirements, tuition fees, course options, scholarship opportunities and other requirements for international students. This blog is written with current information regarding the university requirements. But if there is any confusion about any kind of information regarding any university you can contact us directly.

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